Yousef Ayman graduates High School in Florida at DME!

BE BASKETBALL alumni member Yousef Ayman (Egypt) graduated last week with the class of 2021, and now plans to continue working hard towards achieving his dreams of playing basketball at the highest level!

Yousef departed Doha last year to conclude his final year of High School at our partner sports academy DME in Florida.

At DME, Yousef could not only study in the States alongside a fantastic (on campus) academic institution but also live every day as a competitive basketball player playing against top competition across the US.

Yousef has always been a very hard working individual (on and off the court) and his transition to America last season not only allowed him to be exposed to much better competition but to also be embedded in an extremely uplifting environment at DME where they provide every student-athlete with various opportunities to better themselves each day.

The campus is situated directly on Daytona Beach and boasts some incredible facilities. Yosef soaked up every chance to train in the weight room alongside team mates, run the beach for daily cardio and practice several times a day on the court - getting a real-life glimpse into what it takes to be a professional basketball player.

Yousef visited BE BASKETBALL last December during his winter break where he trained alongside Coach Ben before returning to DME to conclude his final High School year.

Yousef spoke about his happiness at DME and the amount of international players on campus that helped him settle in straight away. He also added that the level of basketball he is able to play each week in Florida was very strong, which catapulted his experience to a brand new level of understanding.

This exciting and life-changing opportunity is available to anyone in Qatar with a dream of studying and playing sport (basketball, soccer, volleyball or ice hockey) at the next level in America!

Yousef will soon be back in Doha for a summer visit before continuing his pursuit of playing basketball at the next level while furthering his education in College.

Everyone at BE BASKETBALL are extremely proud of what this young man has achieved and believe in him so much that anything is possible for Yousef. Anyone who has played with or against Yousef Ayman knows he's the real deal!

His High School graduation from our affiliate partners at DME is just another stepping stone as he continues to work hard towards the next challenge and opportunity in America.

We look forward to seeing Yousef in June during his short visit to Doha and will report back with more information on his plans and future goals!

CONGRATULATIONS on your High School graduation Yousef!


Since officially partnering with DME late last year, BE BASKETBALL have now arranged for 3 of our current BE All-Star players to attend this summer's residential DME Basketball Camp in Florida for 3-weeks throughout July. This incredible camp will also offer AAU (amateur athletic union) competition, intensive sports training and skill work.

This camp is still available for anyone at BE BASKETBALL.

Furthermore we will be arranging DME basketball camps in Doha next season and continually help anyone wanting to enroll for their senior year of High School at DME or even attend a Prep-Year before College as the perfect transition for any international student-athlete!

For more information about how to study and play sport at DME Sports Academy - affiliate partner of BE BASKETBALL please email us today!

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